6 Tips For Treadmill Running

Walking is very important to stay healthy Treadmill helps a lot in keeping our body fit.

1. Make sure to warm up before running on the treadmill

Warm-up must be done before running on the treadmill.  without warming up your body can lead to injury

2. Always Run Slowly on the Treadmill First

you start running on the treadmill, first speed up the machine by 1 to 2 percent, then walk on it first

3. Get Complete Information About Treadmill Before Running

Before running on the treadmill, ask the trainer there about its speed, display, heart rate, monitor, fix walkout, calories burned, time display

4.Choose the Right Shoes When Running on the Treadmill

Always choose the Right Shoes Before Running on the treadmill.

5.Keep Balance While Running on the Treadmill

If you are going to run on the treadmill for the first time, do not hold the handrails and console of the treadmill at all

6.Don’t Look Down

6.Don’t Look Down

Some people lean forward while running which is wrong. Therefore, always keep the body straight while running.